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  • Can Partners Be Considered Employees?

    Not according to the IRS. Last month, the IRS issued temporary regulations T.D. 9766 clarifying the employment tax treatment of partners in a partnership owning a disregarded entity. In the past, some partnerships treated the partners as employees of the disregarded entity, thereby allowing the partners to participate in employee benefit plans. These temporary […]Read More
  • Good Governance

    How Many Policies Do You Really Need? Well … it depends. The IRS lacks formal authority to require specific governance policies of nonprofits.  Yet, IRS officials have indicated that nonprofits that fail to adopt certain policies have a greater chance of being audited. Just as important, your organization’s IRS Form 990 (which very […]Read More
  • SEP and SIMPLE IRA Plans –

    Avoiding Common Errors The IRS recently identified a number of common errors seen in two of the most popular retirement plans used by small businesses — the SEP plan and the SIMPLE IRA plan. General Rules for SEPs With a SEP (Simplified Employee Pension) plan, employers establish individual retirement accounts (IRAs) for each eligible employee. […]Read More

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