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New SKWealth Podcast

SKWealth Podcast

Our affiliate, SKWealth, is pleased to share their first podcast by Director of Investments, Matthew Neyland, CFA, CAIA. New podcast topics will be shared each month and will be available through a number of listening service options, including: Stitcher  iTunes

All Fringe Benefits Aren’t Created Equal for Tax Purposes

Fringe Benefits

According to IRS Publication 5137, Fringe Benefit Guide, a fringe benefit is “a form of pay (including property, services, cash or cash equivalent), in addition to stated pay, for the performance of services.” But the tax treatment of fringe benefits can vary dramatically based on the type of benefit.

Sir-Tax is Back with Tales of Real American Heroes

-By David H. Lichtenstein, CPA, MST In the spirit of Fourth of July Week, let's talk about Real American Heroes. We have celebrated them throughout the course of our American history. Those brave souls. In the face of injustice and inequality, they fought for what was right. Yet, they were...

2017 July News in Review

2017 July News in Review

Sansiveri’s 2017 July News in Review is a summary of news, events and links that we shared throughout the month of June. Just in case you missed an earlier post or email, this issue includes information about OSHA’s Top 10 Violations and “Fatal Four” Hazards -  Focus on Safety, Changes in...

June 2017 Construction News Brief

Are Changes in Store at OSHA? The change of administrations in Washington, D.C., has triggered many questions over the future direction of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The worker safety agency has always focused closely on the construction industry, which accounted for 21.4 percent of all fatal workplace...

3 Lesser Known Breaks for Business Charitable Donations


Donating to charity is more than good business citizenship; it can also save tax. Here are three lesser-known federal income tax breaks for charitable donations by businesses. Food donations Charitable write-offs for donated food (such as by restaurants and grocery stores) are normally limited to the lower of the...

2016/17 Internship Excellence Award – Finalist

Internship Excellence Award

[caption id="attachment_2219" align="alignright" width="300"] Cody Lange accepts Award at Bryant University, Employer Appreciation Reception. June 2017.[/caption] Sansiveri received a Finalist Certificate of Recognition for the 2016/17 Internship Excellence Award at the Bryant University Employer Appreciation Reception held in June 2017.  According to Bryant, approximately 400 companies, representing a broad...

Is it Compensation, a Distribution or a Loan?


Dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s” on loans between your business and its owners It’s common for closely held businesses to transfer money into and out of the company, often in the form of a loan. However, the IRS looks closely at such transactions: Are they truly loans, or...