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The R&D Tax Credit: IT’S NOT just ROCKET SCIENCE!

Rocket Science crp

- by David Lichtenstein, CPA, MST You know that guy, right? The one who always manages to blurt out “It’s not rocket science!”, when you are struggling to figure something out. Don’t be that guy. Don’t be that guy who loves to state the obvious. I mean really, does anyone...

Amazon Makes Friends With the RI Division of Taxation

Online Shopping

Just what is use tax? -by David Lichtenstein. CPA, MST You know that silly question that your accountant asks you every year about out-of-state or online purchases that you made, which may be subject to Rhode Island use tax? Cue the sound of crickets chirping. Well, let me briefly and...

Introducing Sir-Tax

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THIS JUST IN: RHODE ISLAND CPA DAVID LICHTENSTEIN HAS EPIPHANY: STARTS TAX BLOG (SIR-TAX) DURING TAX SEASON! The Five Most Common New Year's Resolutions: • Exercise (I personally like to add a few pounds to keep warm in the winter.) • Eat healthy (Doesn't pizza contain all the major...