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Scam Targets Amazon Users

amazon com_logo_RGBSansiveri’s IT Director wanted to pass along the latest in phishing scams. Cyber criminals are attacking Amazon users with a phishing campaign that falsely claims a small number of accounts have been hacked. The email starts with an “Important Notice” and you are required to “verify” your Amazon account, by providing payment card information and security details. The email threatens that if you do not comply with the verification process, restrictions may be placed on your account.

Remember to think before you click. The email is a scam to try to trick you into revealing your credit card information and more. If you see an email like this that has not been caught by any spam filter, delete it. Remember the rule: “If In Doubt, Throw It Out!”.

You can read more information and view an example of the deceptive Amazon notice through the KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training Blog.