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Attention Massachusetts Businesses

If you are a corporation or business entity taxable as a corporation, April 1, 2016 is the deadline to certify your tax status in order to qualify for local personal property tax exemptions according to the Department of Revenue (DOR). The certification is required for federal and state tax purposes for various property tax exemptions. Once certified you will be included in the Corporations Book, which is used by local assessors to determine which businesses qualify for various property tax exemptions. Those missing the deadline may not receive benefits to which they are entitled.

Entities not required to file include: 1) entities that do not own real or personal property in Massachusetts as of January 1st; 2) non-profit corporations; and 3) sole-proprietors.

MassTaxConnectLogoThe certification can be completed on MassTaxConnect. Just select “I Want To” and go to “Submit Annual Certification of Entity Status” on the on-line application. Once completed, you will receive a reply email from MassTaxConnect with a Certification Confirmation Code and a Certification Confirmation Number.

The Certification Confirmation Number should be reported in Section 1-D of your personal property return filed with the assessors of the city or town in which the property is located. The Certification Confirmation Code is used to review your request from the MassTaxConnect landing page when you click on “Find a Request” at the bottom. Enter the email address you used when completing the application and the Certification Confirmation Code provided in the reply.

Fore more information on the annual certification, please visit the DOR website or the posted FAQs.