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Introducing Sir-Tax


The Five Most Common New Year’s Resolutions:
• Exercise (I personally like to add a few pounds to keep warm in the winter.)
• Eat healthy (Doesn’t pizza contain all the major food groups?)
• Stop buying things that you already have. (I have 5 identical gray sweaters in my closet.)
• Stop procrastinating on sending tax information to your accountant. (I honestly didn’t know that this was a thing.)
• Start a tax blog during tax season….

Wait a minute!!! What was that last one???

That’s right, start a tax blog during tax season! Allow me to introduce myself: My name is David Lichtenstein, and I am a Rhode Island CPA originally from New York (sorry the New York thing is a reflex), who specializes in all things tax: corporations, partnerships, LLC’s, high net worth individuals, trusts, and estates (keeping in mind, if you are going to die, it’s much easier for me if you do it on either December 31 or January 1). I’m middle aged (READ: Full of valuable knowledge), balding, and I like to dramatically take my glasses off before I am about to say something important. I like to use parentheses when I write. And last but not least, I am your taxpayer advocate, trusted adviser, and, if you promise to call me BEFORE engaging in a complex transaction, I can assure you that you will be better off tax-wise (is this a real word?), by having spoken to me.

The Accountant 2What better time to start a tax blog than during tax season, when everyone has taxes on their minds? In fact, one might argue that there’s never been a better time to capitalize on the popularity of accountants. They even recently made a movie about us. I was not available for filming, so they settled for Ben Affleck instead (do you see the resemblance?).

Who else is going to constantly bug you about compiling and sending in your tax information ASAP? Who else is going to answer the phone during the winter, at any hour of the day or night when you call (other than your mother, who just wants to know that you’re still alive, eating a banana every day, and wearing a winter hat.)? Who else is going ensure that you are paying the right amount of use tax to the Rhode Island Division of Taxation?

I lost you at that last one, didn’t I? Well, if you want to know more, please be sure to read my first Sir-Tax post: AMAZON MAKES FRIENDS WITH THE RHODE ISLAND DIVISION OF TAXATION

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