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More Details Shared Regarding RI Tax Amnesty

-By David Lichtenstein, CPA, MST

RI Tax AmnestyOn September 27, 2017, the Rhode Island Division of Taxation (“The Division”) provided a summary of amnesty information (see below) so taxpayers can be prepared when the program begins in December. In November, approximately 90,000 Rhode Islanders will be receiving account balance statements (along with an official amnesty application form and payment voucher), which will let taxpayers know how much it will cost to pay off the applicable balance.

The Division is currently constructing a website that will serve as the official amnesty information resource at Once completed, this website will contain everything a taxpayer will need in order to take advantage of the amnesty program. The Division will also be creating a phone bank to answer questions about amnesty. The number and hours of operation will be available closer to the start of the program.

Highlights of the Amnesty Program:

• Applications will be accepted beginning on December 1st, 2017.

• The program will end on February 15, 2018.

• The program applies to all RI state taxes, including, but not limited to: personal income, corporate income, sales, use, and unemployment insurance taxes.

• The program applies to any taxable period ending on or before December 31st, 2016.

• Penalties will be waived and interest fees reduced by 25%.

• The Division will not seek civil or criminal prosecution for the taxable period for which amnesty has been granted, nor will the Division block the renewal of driver’s licenses, professional licenses, or motor vehicle registrations for that period.

• In addition to the 90,000 known taxpayers with tax balances, amnesty will also be extended to those whose Rhode Island tax delinquencies are not yet known to The Division.