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Changing Perception on a Career in Manufacturing

– by Linda Marie Pearson, CPA, CFE

Manufacturing is Important Yet…

Career in ManufacturingWhile Americans value the manufacturing industry, but they are not choosing manufacturing for their careers. According to the 6th U.S. Public Opinion of Manufacturing Study conducted by the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte, 7 out of 10 people interviewed believe that the U.S. should invest in more manufacturing and 8 out of 10 believe that manufacturing is important to maintaining Americans’ standard of living. Yet, there is a significant disconnect in encouraging children to pursue a manufacturing career (70% believe that it is not a strong career path and 1/3 of the individuals polled would not encourage their children to purse a manufacturing career). While this isn’t news to the Rhode Island industry, the numbers are staggering.

There is positive news. It’s due to perception not fact. The public’s perception will improve and, more importantly, support will grow if the public is educated on the following key industry strengths:

• One of the most stable and secure careers,
• Jobs pay well – 2015’s average worker earned $81,000 annually
• Health benefits – highest percentage of workers covered by their employer
• Strong workforce demand.

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