WELCOME! Whether you are just beginning a career in public accounting or seeking a new employment opportunity, Sansiveri, Kimball & Co., LLP offers an engaging professional life worth exploring.

Our firm is dedicated to hiring ambitious individuals to join our team by enhancing career paths through diverse and challenging assignments, lifelong learning and development, community involvement, mentoring, and the latest uses of technology.

We believe that while a competitive salary and benefits are important, equally important are the intangibles that will affect your personal life and long-term professional development. Establishing a work-life balance is a key component to a successful career at Sansiveri. We are award winners of the 2017 When Work Works and 2018 Best Places to Work, and named one of the 2017 Best Accounting Firms to Work For by Accounting Today. We have developed our holiday, overtime, and personal time-off policies in order to help our employees strike a balance between their professional life and personal life. We maintain a highly professional but personable and relaxed atmosphere throughout the year.

Sansiveri team buildingIn addition to our policies, we understand that our employees are one of our most important assets and, accordingly, utilize the PACE (Performance And Career Excellence) program and employee feedback surveys, which proactively support and promote individual development and growth. We have also established SKNOW (Navigating Opportunities for Women) as an additional resource for our employees.

Please send your questions to hr@sansiveri.com.

If you are a student, please check out College Recruiting for more information about our recruiting schedule and job/intern opportunities.