Is Your Employer Withholding Enough in Taxes?

By February 13, 2018 August 3rd, 2019 Recent News & Events, Tax Consulting & Compliance
February 13, 2018

Is Your Employer Withholding Enough in Taxes?

The Internal Revenue Service recently released Notice 1036, which updates the income-tax withholding tables for 2018. This reflects changes made by the signed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
The update shows the new rates for employers to use during 2018, and should be implemented as soon as possible, but not later than Feb. 15, 2018.  The time it will take for employees to see the changes in their paychecks will vary depending on how quickly the new tables are executed by their employers and how often they are paid (i.e. weekly, biweekly or monthly).
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